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Bristol Festival of Nature (June 2012, Bristol, UK)

Bristol Festival of Nature (June 2010, Bristol, UK)


Related publications:

Palmer, M (2011) "On breathing and geography - sonifying the Severn as shared generative art practice", ISEA conference, Istanbul, September 2011

Jones, O (2010) "Another Place": affective time-spaces of tidal processes as rendered in literature and art, in T. Edensor (ed) Geographies of Rhythm, Oxford: Ashgate, pp 189-203.



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About Sonic Severn

Sonic Severn is an open invitation to everyone who lives in or cares for the Severn Estuary to listen and discover the rhythms of this rich intertidal landscape.

With current environmental pressures on the Severn Estuary, its unique phenomena deserve great public attention. In 2010 Michaela and Owain built a first software application (The Breath of the Moon) that translated some tidal predictions for the Avonmouth port into sound. This artefact was exhibited twice at the Bristol Festival of Nature, where it was very well received by the public.

There are so many unique tide-specific phenomena and rhythms that deserve public awareness that it could easily take a life-time of listening, researching and composing to make them all heard. So in the next phase of the project, Michaela and Owain invited other sound artists and composers to contribute to a new body of work, which would be exhibited at Sonic Severn.

These new sonic artworks can be accessed on the Severn Sounds and the Weather Sounds pages.

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